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Laptop and computer accessories in Nigeria are equally important when you are using any one device. If you need to go within the budget, you have to buy everything with a lot of thought. Nowadays a personal computer or laptop has become essential, whether for study, work or just for entertainment.

Nigerians do most of their work online, from shopping to many. So, they attach the same importance to these devices as they are essential. A laptop or computer has a lot of accessories that people need for several moments of use. You do not always have to search the market to buy the accessories. Because you can find them at Nigeria’s best online shopping site. So let’s find out about the best laptops and computer accessories in Nigeria that you can get online at affordable prices.

Laptops and Computer Accessories

Foldable Laptop Table

One of the most important of the fast selling computer accessories in Nigeria is the foldable laptop table. It is easy to use without installation. open and use. You can use these foldable tables in bed, sofa and carpet, mini writing desk, office standing table, tablet computer table. Also anyone can use it for eating or bed books, handicrafts.

It has a moisture-proof, scratch-resistant and high-temperature design. It’s a very safe , stable and sturdy workbench that can help you concentrate on work or study, allowing you to use it anytime, anywhere. Easy to fold. You can fold this table to save space without assembly, open the legs and place the laptop table where needed. The clever folding design makes the legs flat and easy to carry, giving you comfort and durability as a computer desk. There is no need to buy a portable design, versatile table in life, a full-sized desk, and other office chairs. Extend your workspace as a laptop, tablet, kids bedside table, mini writing desk. You can get a foldable laptop table at an online store in Nigeria for only ₦ 20,500.

Router Mini DC UPS

Mini UPS is usually used to keep the router, nucleus and CC camera on during load shedding. Because even if there is no current, this mini UPS will get at least 7-8 hours backup on those devices. As a result, you will get the Internet in your line. With the UPS, you can also keep the CC camera on during load shedding. Using this device can protect your router from lightning and over voltage. There is no need for separate adapters for this device. You can use your molecule or router’s adapter. You can use a 12 volt 2-3 amp adapter for better performance. It costs ₦16,500, which you can find on any online shopping site in Nigeria.

Laptop Batteries

Laptop batteries are another important part of laptop and computer accessories in Nigeria. No matter how well you use your laptop battery, it will die. If you are lucky, it will be time to replace your laptop battery when it dies. Windows don’t usually keep up to date with your battery’s power level. When you use it and become weak, you will only notice that your laptop does not last as long as the battery.

Finally, when your battery reaches a high enough level, Windows will alert you. A red cross appears on the standard battery icon in your system tray. When you click on it, Windows will notify you that you should consider your battery replacement. Your computer may suddenly shut down because there is a problem with your battery. In other words, your battery may not hold enough charge to run your laptop for long periods when it is not connected to an outlet. You can get your batteries at a more affordable price because it costs only ₦6,500.

Wifi Router

Basically, the main function of a router is to create a medium of communication between different computers. And IP is used to communicate between these networks. The main purpose of using a router in our office or home is to share the internet connection received from IPS through different computer devices. A router will be useful for several devices to be able to receive and use the Internet simultaneously with the help of a single modem. Pocket routers can be called portable pocket wifi routers. These types of pocket wifi routers are smaller than ordinary wifi routers. You can purchase any one at your convenience.


A good printer helps streamline printing processes for your small office or home, or if you’re just preparing your work for an important presentation with your seniors.

An important printer machine is the inkjet printer. The method of printing here is to print the ink on the paper according to the computer’s instructions through the subtle knowledge from the ink cartridge. This printer has one colour and one black cut. The print quality is much better in the Inkjet printer than in the printer. In online shopping platforms in Nigeria, computer accessories and printers are the best-selling tools. You can buy an inkjet printer for only ₦ 23000.

If there is a question which is the best printer, then you can remember the laser printer. It’s very popular with the users. This laser printer is one of the most important non-impact printers. This laser printer that will print laser printers creates images through laser beams. When you print that image on paper with this printer, there is no friction. As a result it will produce no sound. The printing capacity of this printer is 14-15 pages per minute.


A webcam is a type of video camera that shows real-time video on a monitor via a computer network. The user can view this video instantly and then transmit it over the Internet. It means that the webcam is a special type of video camera, with which the video can be exchanged on the Internet. A laptop always comes with a webcam connected to it. But, you have to buy it separately in the case of a computer.

The common use of a webcam is to simplify video conversations by connecting a computer or device to another computer or device by creating a web link. In this case, the computer or device acts as a video phone or video conference station. People usually use webcams for security monitoring, computer vision, health, security, broadcasting, and social video recording.

Power Bank

Although removable batteries are rare and rare in laptops these days, the reverse is true that more and more laptops, phones and tablets are capable of charging via a USB connection. Most of the universal power banks emerged as a result, as they were now able to capitalize on the ubiquity of more devices with the ubiquitous USB Type connection.

Now there are plenty of power banks you have, but there are plenty of caveats for most of them. Make sure the bank can keep the minimum wattage required for your device, regardless of your USB-PD certificate, cleared on air travel, and has the most positive user experience in the review. Find the best one where you want to buy computer parts in Nigeria.

Wireless Mouse

A wireless mouse is definitely more convenient for Nigerians than a wired mouse. You can get a pretty small portable wireless mouse. There’s no wiring to think that you can get tangled in your bag or pull things around your desk using your mouse. It makes them especially beautiful for travel, too.

Just like all wireless devices, you have the added benefit of using it away from receiving devices. A wired mouse is tethered to the computer, and you can only work with access, but a binding mouse can be used across the room. If you use your television as your monitor and want to control it from your couch, you can choose a wireless mouse. Maybe you want to use a mouse with your tablet, but it doesn’t have a USB port. Or maybe your computer is far away from your keyboard and mouse area, under your desk and against the wall, and a binding mouse is your only realistic option.

USB Cable

It is another popular accessory for laptop and computer accessories in Nigeria. The convenience of sharing mobile internet connection on computers has been coming from feature phones for a long time. So sharing internet connection from Android phone to computer is not only possible but also as easy as water. Many people prefer to share the Internet via USB data cable, usually for use on desktop computers. This is because it does not require purchasing a separate WiFi card. The mobile connection is also charged while sharing the internet connection.

Final Words

You must know about fast selling laptop and computer accessories in Nigeria, which will help you with your device’s daily work. You can find these at affordable prices on Nigerian online shopping sites, but pick the top online store before purchasing. There are different prices so know in advance about prices of computer accessories in Nigeria, if necessary you can choose an affordable model.

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