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Types of Human Hair

Virgin hair is hair that’s not chemically processed. The hair is in its natural state with its cuticles running in the same direction and intact.

Remy hair differs from Virgin hair in that it has been chemically processed for color or texture, but the cuticle remains intact so the hair tangle free.

Indian weave hair has the thickest texture and gives a variety of hairstyles like the straight, wavy and curly style.

Malaysian hair is very soft and gives a full body.

Brazilian hair is a bit thicker and coarser than Indian hair, just flat out fabulous.

Peruvian hair is like Brazilian hair meets Indian hair, you’ve kind of got the coarseness of Brazilian hair but you still have that little bit silk that you get with Indian hair. It all blends together to form this beautiful bouncy hair.

Types of Hair Care Products

Hair Conditioners are used to make hair smooth and silky. They help by replacing materials, such as natural oils, lost during washing.

Hair spray products are quick-drying liquids sprayed on the hair to keep it in place. They contain ingredients that stick to the hair and hold it in place for a short period of time.

Hair Straighteners and Relaxers are products that make hair become straight or straighter or to relax tightly curled hair to soften or loosen the curls.

Typical shampoo formula contains surfactants which emulsify oil and dirt on the hair and scalp. The loosened debris is then swept away, when the hair is rinsed.