Nail technician services in Nigeria

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Nail technician services in Nigeria get more popular for several years. It has been popular for a long time because Nigerians are very much aware of the beauty of nails as well as other beauty awareness. People try many ways to keep themselves beautiful. Not only this, but they also take care of our beauty. But, sometimes in the midst of this effort, they neglect the nails. Anyway, there are many platforms in Nigeria that provide nail technicians service from where you can get quality service.

Artificial nails are a great way to make your hands look elegant without having to go to a nail salon every two weeks. However, they can sometimes look quite fake. Generally, there are some steps you can take to give yourself a natural-looking manicure with artificial nails.

Best Nail Technician Services in Nigeria

Which is the best home nail technician near me? If you search on any online store in Nigeria, you will find some quality services. The number of experts providing home-based nail technician services in Nigeria is not small.

The best nail technician services in Nigeria include 1629 Salon & Spa, Scenic, Stunnerz makeover, DENITZ HAIR STUDIO, Desired Image Salon & Cosmetology, Ojuloge Makeover, Beauty Concept, Ellas Place Salon & Spa, Labeute Mobile Salon, Korean Nail Lounge, and many more.

How to Fix Nails in Nigeria? 

Nail technician services in Nigeria
Nail technician services in Nigeria

In the case of artificial nails, many people go to the salon or parlor and many people do the work at home. Search for the best nail salon services in Nigeria at the beginning, if it seems too expensive then you can get the job done at home, but in this case, you need to follow a lot of things and rules.

  • Trim your own nails so that they are shorter than artificial nails. Once you attach the false nails to each nail, place them on your own nails – make sure they are longer than your own nails. Your own nails should not be spread under artificial nails, so if it is, trim them with nail scissors.
  • Then touch the sharp edge with the nail file.
  • Press your cuticles back with a cuticle blade. Do this after a shower or after wetting your hands so that the cuticles are soft and supple. Apply light pressure with the cuticle blade and push the cuticles back towards the nail fold.
  • This strip of skin should be pressed back against the nail fold without extending the nail plate.
  • Do not apply cuticle oil on this layer as it may affect the nail glue
  • Use a nail buffer to add texture to the surface of the nail plate. Known as a nail plate, your nail is hard and the top is usually smooth, but if you keep the texture a little thicker, the artificial nails will hold better.
  • Carefully run the surface of your nail with a 3-sided nail buffer to add a little texture.
  • Do not use hard nail files or cardboard files as they may damage your nails.

Apply False Nails

The goal is to file each artificial nail to match the size of your own nails. Use the metal nail file to polish the sides and base of the press-on until your own nail bed matches the shape and curvature perfectly. Then file the tips to the desired size and length. You can use nail scissors to remove the tips that are too long.

If you need to change a lot of files and sizes to adjust the nails, look for a different style or brand that will provide a better fit without any changes.

Apply a dot to each natural and artificial nail glue. Working with one finger at a time, first apply a small dot of glue to the bottom of the artificial nail and then to your nail plate. Put glue in the middle of both nails, your own nails, and artificial nails.

False Nail Maintenance

You may have been able to install artificial nails on your hands by yourself or through Nail technician services in Nigeria, but it is even more important that you are taking proper care of it. Learn some ways to maintain it.

Moisturize daily to keep your cuticles soft, healthy, and beautiful. As your nails begin to grow a small gap will form between the base of the artificial nail and the fold of your own nail. Dry cataclysms, meanwhile, will attract attention. To keep you healthy and hydrate as the nail plate grows, massage a dot of quitcal oil into your cuticles every day. You can moisturize your hands with cream to keep your skin soft, supple and create a better impression.

Soak your fingers in warm water or acetone to remove artificial nails. Follow the instructions on the adhesive package used for the correct procedure. Usually, you only need to soak your nails in a bowl of hot water, acetone, or some other suitable product. After soaking, the glue dissolves and the nails close.

Artificial Nails that Look Natural

False nails will not always look natural if you do not get the best nail salon services in Nigeria. With the best service, you can feel the naturalness. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Once you have applied your false nails be sure to bring the lime and glue if they fall off.
  • You should always read the care instructions as the materials and instructions differ between them.
  • There are some gel cases with artificial tips, if you want to apply artificial tips and gel, just stick the tips with your nails and file, then proceed with the application of the gel.
  • After you finish applying fake nails to get more light, wash your hands in cold water and apply the cream, so your hands are soft.
  • Avoid doing anything that could break your artificial nails, as these are usually quite fragile.

Nail art to enhance the beauty of nails

As Nigerians become more modern, so does beauty and oersonal care awareness. The use of painting is no longer limited to notebooks and copper. Painting has also become an element of Nigerian fashion.

Nail polish has been beautifying the nails of Nigerian beauty-conscious girls for a long time. Now some variations are needed between these nail polishes. Nail ornaments have now become quite popular among fashion-loving girls. Dark beige or light beige nail polish makes the nails more unique with various eye-catching designs. And the materials needed for this nail ornament are- Acrylic Glitter, Metallic Glitter, Tree-D Nail, Pearl, Crystal, Cartoon Character, Precious Stone, etc. Any nail technician in Nigeria will provide this service, but if you want to enjoy the quality, don’t forget to search for the best nail technician services in Nigeria. There are many advantages to using artificial nails in doing art because you will get rid of the hassle of doing art and will be able to use them many times.

Final Words

Beautiful clean nails bring out the personality. Women usually used to use nail polish for increasing nails beauty. But now times have changed, as well as people’s tastes. Fashion is also changing to keep pace with the times. So to get a touch of modernity, there has been a special change in nail design, and so Nail technician services in Nigeria have gained a lot of popularity. Nigerian fashion-conscious women are more or less thinking about how to make their nails more attractive. You can buy artificial nails of your choice in the online marketplace in Nigeria at affordable prices.

You just need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward others. If there is any problem with the nails, expert advice should be taken. Beautiful hands are very important for beautiful nails. So when it comes nail decoration, first of all, you have to take care that the hand makeup is right.

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