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 Top 10 Tips to Increase Your Online Restaurant Sales in Nigeria

If you want to make your online restaurant to be one of the best food vendors and restaurants in Nigeria, you must follow some approaches. Gradually, the new entrepreneurs are flocking to online restaurants in Nigeria. Besides, online marketing is a competition or battle to establish oneself. Only those who know all the preparations and the right tactics to deal with the opponent have the possibility of success. So setting up an online store in Nigeria needs following the top 10 tips about how to be successful. It must increase your online restaurant sales in Nigeria.

How To Increase Your Online Restaurant Sales in Nigeria

Optimize Your Menu

Create your menu that will encourage customers to buy. Research the best online foods vendors and restaurants in Nigeria. Their menu card works as a special reason behind their being the best. The menu should have a clear structure that your customers can navigate. This means you are helping your customers make the final decision.

Optimizing your menu is very important to make the customer interested in buying specific items. Beautiful menus make a customer interested in trying out new items they’ve never tried before. Choosing the right menu template can make a big difference in a restaurant’s sales.

Menu design is a strategy based on sorting items, especially the foods you want to sell more (or the foods that are in great demand). As a result, people are now more health-conscious. So now people are much more aware of food. Many consumers want to eat healthy food instead of conventional spicy and oily foods. If you continue to serve only conventional food, you will lose a large number of customers.

Web Listing

It is not possible to increase online restaurant sales in Nigeria by linking the products or services of the business to your own Facebook page. Because buyers are usually attracted to two platforms, one is social media and the other is Google. So, if your products are not linked to an e-commerce or web listing website, you will lose buyers who search from Google. List the products or services of your business on the web to increase sales.

Selling Complimentary Items

Surely you want customers to come back. Food vendors and restaurants in Nigeria focus on providing exceptional services and quality food. It keeps customers coming back as they give more importance on getting repeat customers than finding new ones. Remember to follow the best food vendors in Nigeria if you want to increase sales. Be sure to sell complementary products.

Think about the best foods and drinks in Nigeria. How much people like them, what discounts you give them so that they are more interested in buying. You can offer a comb punk which will give them a great experience of online shopping in Nigeria.

Emphasize Marketing and Promotion

One of the main and effective tips to increase your online restaurant sales is marketing and promotion. Although not all food vendors and restaurants in Nigeria are famous to be physically known. Nigerians know them virtually for their publicity and their  food quality . If the quality of your food is good, the news will reach the people who are searching for the best online restaurant in Nigeria. So, it’s very essential to take the initiative to promote your online restaurant.

Having a website is an advantage as the buyer will not reach your store. Social media also plays a big role in promoting online restaurants. You can reach the buyer through social media. To review your restaurant, encourage shoppers to share pictures of food. Sometimes you can also arrange a discount for this.

Keep Order Records and Provide Timely

Orders will keep coming from different platforms. The main feature of any best restaurant in Nigeria is that the food is delivered on time. You need to make sure that your order does not go to another buyer because in that case, you have to pay compensation. Customers will not tolerate the slightest movement in the food buyer so you can lose the buyer.

Keep accurate records of orders received from buyers. Also deliver food to them as soon as possible as this will enhance the reputation of your online restaurant. , it will help increase your sales.

Start a Reward System

Search for your customers’ return reasons and find out what satisfies them. Yet, an award program will not be complicated. Offer a free item after a certain number of unsolicited sales that will surprise customers. You can tell customers about the prize offers by phone or email. Do not give discounts on expensive food. Also make offers for the desserts, drinks and other things that shoppers like. So, they can feel much more comfortable shopping.

Prices Increment

Raising prices may seem like a bad move to your customers at first, but consider how effective it is. Top food vendors and restaurants in Nigeria offer other benefits to customers as well as increase prices from time to time. But before the price increases, update some things like the quality of the food, adding something more to the menu that the customers like. Also, offer the best foods and drinks in Nigeria on your menu.

Also, the price increase gives your customers the idea that you have improved the quality of the food. This will enhance your recommendation to others.

Uninterrupted Customer Service

Since people’s interest in online shopping in Nigeria is much higher than before. You almost always need to ensure food delivery and after-sales customer service. This will introduce you to the customers as the best food vendors in Nigeria. Customers can expect your proximity even after receiving the product, due to an error in your page or to give any feedback. Listen to their complaints or opinions and ensure greatest service.

Try to keep your customer satisfied and happy because you can increase customer and sales through your use. Buyers can ask many kinds of questions. You have to answer all the questions with a smile to his satisfaction. Be friendly with the customer. Once the customer returns unsatisfied, he may no longer be available. Rather bad reviews will return many more customers. In this case, it is important to have a specific telephone or chatting line, where a customer will get an instant answer on any matter.


If you look at food vendors and restaurants in Nigeria you will have many more to follow. They have been able to increase both sales and exposure by advertising their services. Advertising is a great way to increase sales. Through advertising, customers can easily find out about your products. They can know your service variations and different offers. An online store in Nigeria depends a lot on advertising because you can advertise your product at a low cost. And now many people market online. So advertising is very important for your sales.

Online restaurants have the opportunity to make a good profit. You can start your online restaurant in Nigeria with little capital. This business is very different from the traditional restaurant business. There is less opportunity to connect directly with the buyers. You have to build your identity only through preparing and delivering quality food items .

Professional Content Marketing

Everyone is now emphasizing a different kind of propaganda. Content marketing is about attracting the target customers by delivering informative content (images, videos, information, news or statistics, etc.). So to increase sales you need enhancing visualization. It can be done by promoting and publishing informative content of your product or service such as the best foods and drinks in Nigeria.

Keep in mind that your campaign activities should be market-oriented, professional, attractive, exceptional. Giving unplanned and unprofessional posts on Facebook or through various channels. Without videos or live, sometimes only giving messages or emails in the inbox, etc. does not really play a role in increasing sales. It wastes time and annoys many buyers.

Know customer comments about your service. Try to know the position of your service in the current Nigerian market. Also, if you know the state of your market, you can think about how to increase your sales.

Final Words

One thing to keep in mind is that the success or failure of online food vendors and restaurants in Nigeria depends on the use of strategies or plans, experience or skills, hard work, time, and opportunity. The same goes for social media or online business, such as buying and selling.

Increasing sales will increase the success and reputation of your online restaurant. So these 10 tips you must follow if you are thinking of setting up the best online restaurant in Nigeria. Proper and coordinated efforts of these ways or tips will play a significant role in increasing the sales of your restaurant online.

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Always try to have a good relationship with online customers. If they have a specific request or opinion, listen and try to keep it. This is one of the most important ways to keep your online restaurant innovative. It is also through your customers that you can understand exactly what kind of food your customers expect from you.

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