Become a Sales Consultant

As an Alldiscounts Sales Consultant, you will be responsible for the following:

1. Establishing and maintaining favorable relationships with vendors.

2. Ensuring successful onboarding of all vendors that you sign up.

3. Providing vendor success support as required.

4. Rendering periodic reports on your activities to Alldiscounts.

Each vendor that you sign up will be required to declare discounts on all products and services that s/he lists in the marketplace. Out of these discount values declared, Alldiscounts pays the Sales Consultant a commission upon sale. For instance, Vendor X declares 10% discount on a bag of rice priced at NGN10,000 in the marketplace. Out of the obtained discount value of NGN1,000; Alldiscounts pays a percentage as commission to the Sales Consultant. The commission is paid on every sale that the signed-up vendor makes on the platform.

How to sign up a Vendor

1. Obtain vendor information using the Vendor On-boarding form.

2. Visit the Alldiscounts Marketplace. Click on “Sell on Alldiscounts Marketplace” and use the obtained vendor information to complete the registration process.

3. Obtain vendor logo and other branding information to enhance store appearance.

4. Assist vendor in cataloguing products/services. We recommend that a vendor lists a minimum of four (4) items in his virtual store.

5.To participate today and for further assistance, call the helpline or send a mail to helpdesk@alldiscounts.ng