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Why do you need to be aware of natural & organic skincare brands? Well, if you want to get naturally bright and glowing skin, first of all, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle of skin. No matter what make-up you do, if your skin is not in good health, your skin will not look glowing and beautiful. So, spending some time on skin health protection is not meaningless.

When it comes to the matter of skincare, there is no one size that fits all approach because everyone’s skin type is different. However, incorporating a new skincare product into your skincare routine can be daunting. Especially for those who have sensitive skin. Because any new product may not be healthy for your skin. In this article, we are going to inform you about 11+ natural skincare brands focusing on the absolute freshness, ultimate strength, and complete purity of the skin. Then keep reading.

Top Natural & Organic Skincare Brands in Nigeria

However, many people do not know exactly what products to use to keep the skin fresh. There are many branded skincare products available in the market, but you need to know which one will take proper care of your skin. This is especially important for home care beauties. Yet, in today’s busy life, there is no time to acquire knowledge about too many products and use them. Below are more than 11 natural skincare brands. 

  1. Sahara Sunrise

The dream of a beauty-conscious woman is to have perfect pure radiant skin. As beautiful and radiant skin boosts your self-confidence, it also plays a major role in highlighting your personality to colleagues. But what is the best food for the skin? Sahara Sunrise believes that products made from organic and natural ingredients are the perfect food for your skin.

The main and best way to get healthy skin is to use natural and organic ingredients, so Sahara Sunrise is a well-known name in the beauty industry in Nigeria because of its completely natural skincare products.

  1. Nubian Roots

Nubian Roots is popular for producing luxurious handmade hair and skincare products. For those who want to use natural skincare products, Nubian Roots is one of the Natural & Organics skincare Brands in Nigeria.

Its products are formulated to preserve your skin and hair without detrimental chemicals. It is safe to say that each of Nuban’s products is made up of 100% quality natural ingredients.

  1. Midas Naturals Beauty

Everyone can use Midas’s product. But only girls will get good results if used. Anyone can use it according to skin type. Midas not only provides natural products but also insists on providing you with the latest health and beauty tips.

In hair care for both men and women, they always keep Midas’ natural products as their favorite.

  1. Aweni Organics

Among the various beauty products in Nigeria, you must have heard the name Aweni Organics which has been praised for producing and supplying quality natural skincare products. A proud Nigerian owner said in an exclusive interview that he founded the brand because of his love for tradition.

To maintain the health and beauty of Nigerians in a natural way, Aweni Organics was driven to create high-quality soaps, organic, lotions, and creams using locally sourced ingredients that are still ongoing.

  1. Inner Beautee

You may know the identity of Inner Beautee for providing the best organic beauty products in Nigeria. It makes paraben-free, vegetarian products for adults as well as skincare for children.

Each of its products is made using 100% natural and organic ingredients. So you can definitely put it aside for your daily skin health.

  1. Coffee Skinpert

Coffee helps reduce fatigue, but coffee is not only popular as a beverage, it has many other uses. It is also very effective in our skincare. Coffee works to make your skin brighten by removing dead skin cells and fatigue. As it is a natural ingredient, there is no fear of any damage to the skin. Everyone has coffee in their house, you can see its quality by using it.

Coffee Skinpert uses high-quality coffee and plant-based ingredients to create quality skincare products like scrubs, face masks, or pastes.

  1. With Love, Keju

Skin analysts have always been reluctant to use extra cosmetics. Natural elements need to be used in skincare. Excessive use of cosmetics can bring the impression of age on your skin ahead of time. With Love, Keju brings you a completely natural product that will brighten your skin and keep it wrinkle-free.

  1. Treda Organics

Another well-known name in the home and personal care industry in Nigeria is Treda Organics, which offers you a complete range of handmade organic skincare products. There is no need to use extra makeup and cosmetics to maintain the beauty of the skin. Treda Organics provides pure beauty by enhancing the radiance of your skin.

  1. Pai Skincare

Pai Skincare is leading the beauty industry in Nigeria because it produces products beyond the natural. Using the highest quality organic ingredients in the preparation of natural skincare products, there is no question of performance. It spreads its wings around the world to collect the best, most effective, and most exciting organic ingredients.

Before making the product, the company ensures that its raw material goes through proper testing and certification. Pai Skincare easily ranks among the best Natural & Organics skincare Brands. Their moisturizing eye cream works best as the best solution for your dry and rough face for all time.

  1. Éminence Organic Skin Care

The Éminence Organic Skin Care brand has been ruling the skincare empire since 1958. Provides yummy scented quality natural products for your skincare.

Their most exciting product is cult love oil, a combination of rose hips and vitamins C and E. It is a top product of wrinkle-busting hydration and anti-oxidation. Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth, Meghan Markle, and Jennifer Lawrence are also fans of this product.

  1. Maya Chia

An important step in skincare is to use the right cream according to your skin type. It is best when you are using a product made from natural ingredients. Maya Chia is one of the top skincare product manufacturers in Nigeria that produces beauty products using completely natural ingredients.

  1. Tea’s Nature

The use of tea leaves has many benefits for our skin. The various ingredients in tea act as natural herbs in skincare. Looking at this brand, you may think that its beauty products only come in tea flavor. In fact, it is prepared using some natural ingredients including tea leaves. You will find it in minty, strawberry, and vanilla flavors.

  1. RB Organics

It is a leading skincare brand that uses 100% natural ingredients. So you can safely use RB Organics’s products because they are completely safe.

It has taken a place in the minds of users to create safe products for men, women, or children.

What to remember when buying a branded skincare product?

Many people love to use natural and branded beauty products in Nigeria and some people prefer certain brands. When launching a branded new product, we tried to make a list of the things you will benefit from in the end if you keep in mind exactly what you are buying. 

Brand research

Brand research is essential before buying any branded product. When any well-known brand launches a new product, it is tested by experts. It is written on the product label. It is mentioned that the product has been certified by an expert on the specific website of that brand. Read the details. It also details when the product was made and how long it can be used. Only buy a branded product after being sure about all this information.

Product Quality

The quality of any new product is written on the label. At the same time, it is made clear with what materials the product is made. Use products that are made entirely of natural ingredients.

Patch Test

Usually, branded products are expensive. If you have the opportunity to buy a test on the skin, check once before. And if that is not possible, buy a smaller product size. If you do not have skin problems, then you can try a bigger version later. If there is a problem, your patch will be tested at a lower cost.

Avoid the Trap of Offers

Many brands offer specific offers to the customer when launching new products. Don’t fall into the trap of that offer. Make sure you buy the product if you need it. Don’t buy just because it’s available on offer.

Final Words

The use of natural products in skincare means safe, you must have thought so too. But that is not correct. There are many natural & organics skincare brands, which really make products using natural ingredients. The best companies also use some good chemicals to make formulas for natural products. So use the product according to the needs of your skin.

If you use natural ingredients in skincare, you are sure that the fruit will match in your hands! But do you know that all-natural ingredients are good for your skin, but not at all? Nigerian skincare brands have a worldwide reputation, so you can choose any one brand according to your skin needs.

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